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Replacing your roof can seem like a challenging task. You may be thinking of replacing the roof by yourself or hiring a Pinecrest roofing company. Before you choose to do replacement by yourself, consider whether you have the proper equipment and knowledge to address some of the complex details of the roof system.

If you decide that hiring a professional contractor will be your best option, there are a number of issues you need to consider. Addressing these issues will ensure you get a good contractor that will successfully install a new roof system without putting your house at risk.

Below are five important issues that you need to address when choosing Pinecrest roofers:
Insurance Coverage

Ask the prospective roofing company about its insurance coverage. Professional contractors will have sufficient insurance to protect their employees involved in the roofing work, equipment as well as your home. Insurance cover limits may vary. The standard coverage includes Worker’s Compensation, Automobile, and General Liability Insurance.

Request a copy of the prospective contractor’s insurance certificate before you sign a contract for the roofing project.

Contractor License

Find out if the company is licensed to offer roofing services in your area. Pinecrest roofing companies are required to be registered with the state as home improvement contractors. You can check the status of the contractor’s license on the Internet.

Hiring a licensed contractor is important as it can protect you from unscrupulous companies that may not be offering professional services. Apart from this, in the case of serious misunderstandings during the project, it will be easier to take legal action against a registered company that one that is unregistered.

Manufacturer’s certifications

Look for a contractor that is verified by the roof manufacturer to offer installation or repair services.  Working with a certified company is important for the system and product warranty of the roof. Ask the prospective Pinecrest roofing contractors for copies of their manufacturer’s certifications for the type of roofing system you want to be installed or repaired.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Some roofing companies provide their products with partial or full warranties. In most cases, the warranty only applies if the roofing company Pinecrest Florida you choose is certified by the company. Before you sign a contract with the roofing company, request for copies of the manufacturer’s warranty for the system and product being proposed.

Go through the warranty to confirm that it provides adequate protection for the finished as well as an extended line of the product.

Building Permits

In most areas, contractors need building permits to replace roofing systems. In most cases, the contractor will also be required to be registered with the local municipality and have a license. The contractor may request the permit on your behalf before the work starts. Moreover, if necessary, the company may coordinate all building code inspection. Find out from the prospective contractors if they are willing to pull the permit for the project.

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