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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance On All Roof Types

Roof Maintenance

Prestige Roofing of South Florida can help you prolong the life of your rooftop with routine maintenance. Here are a couple of things clients can expect with our roof maintenance service.

Clean and Remove Dirt and Debris

We clear any branches, leaves and different trash that collects on a rooftop over time.

General Upkeep and Repair

We additionally check the attic or other parts of the ceiling for signs that can show water seepage is occurring. At that point we analyze the roof for lost, lifted or free shingles or tiles and check whatever is left of the rooftop for greenery, form, or worn spots meant by missing granules, breaks, peeling and twisting.

Additionally, we check for missing or loose flashing, nails, and metal roof bolts. Replace and/or repair any shingles or flashing and replace or tighten roofing hardware as needed.

Peeling, twisted and somewhat lifted shingles in more than one section of the rooftop can show that the rooftop is toward the end of its lifespan.

Removal of Moss and Mold

For shingles, we shower a rooftop with moss remover and cleaner on afflicted regions. At that point, we brush away the moss and mold with a delicate sweeper and wide handheld brush.

For other roofs, we utilize a pressure washer and wide dealt brush to clean harder rooftops.

Sash, Soffits, Drains and Downspouts

We expel all flotsam and jetsam from the drains and downspouts. At that point, clean the staying soil and grime of the drain system.

We clean up residual trash with running water and check for missing caulking and search for peeling paint, soffit and sash spoiling, openings and breaks, free or missing drain areas or equipment and canal-related holes. We make the fundamental repairs and re-caulk and re-paint as required.

Smokestacks, Skylight Windows, and Vents

Next, we take a gander at the smokestack, sky facing windows and vent openings. We begin by closing off the chimney, cleaning creosote from the stack with a fireplace brush and after that examining the smokestack for damage, for example, a lost or split block and mortar.

We make any needed repairs and after that seal the smokestack with a stonework or fireplace water repellent. We clean, investigate and repair the vent outlets, and sky facing windows if appropriate.

Roof maintenance may seem like a lot of hard work, but major roof repairs can be extremely costly. Preventative maintenance work now will benefit you long into the future. Make sure to extend the life of your roof with routine maintenance from Prestige Roofing of South Florida!

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